Is India one of them?


Apple is preparing to launch a new generation of iPhones this month. The upcoming iPhone series comprises of four models which include iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The upcoming iPhones are expected to offer some unique features and one of them is satellite connectivity support. Also read- Apple Watch Series 7 may not launch alongside iPhone 13, and here’s why

Last week, a report revealed that the upcoming iphone 13 series Will come with satellite communication feature. A new report is coming, providing more details about the upcoming feature Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that satellite communications support will only be available for select markets. The report did not specify whether India is part of the list of eligible markets. Also read- Top smartphones under Rs 60,000 in September 2021: Apple, Samsung, OnePlus

iPhone 13 will have satellite communication feature

In line with previous leaks, the new report suggests that the satellite communications facility will not be available until the first half of next year. It is being said that the upcoming iPhone models will come with hardware support for the satellite feature, but users will be able to use it only next year. The specific timeline for the rollout of the satellite communications facility is yet to be revealed. Also read- Top smartphones under Rs 50,000 in September 2021: OnePlus, Apple, Samsung

iphone 13

Apple is set to launch new iPhones in September 2021. According to rumors and leaks, the iPhone 13 series will include four models including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 mini. While Apple is yet to officially confirm the launch date of the iPhone 13, reports suggest it could be September 14.

The new report also clarifies that this feature will not allow users to use the iPhone 13 series as a satellite phone. In simple words, this feature will not provide users with the ability to make calls from anywhere in the world without cellular coverage. Instead, it will allow users to broadcast short emergency messages and send SOS distress signals in the event of a plane crash or any other emergency. Notably, this feature will work only in areas with no cellular coverage.

“It’s not happening now, next year or anytime in the near future. Launching such a feature would require hardware that isn’t ready for prime time, would be costly and could lead to revolt from phone carriers.” on which Apple depends,” Gurman said.

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