Is your partner cheating on YOU? Here are 20 signs you should know


New Delhi: In modern times, real relationships are rarely seen. Many people cheat on their partners in some way. Most of them become emotionally or physically attached to someone else. In most cases, infidelity is revealed by the partner, or at least they have a clue if it is going on.

Some people are masters at hiding their illicit relationships for a long time. Here are 20 signs that will help you identify if your partner is cheating on you or being unfaithful to you.

These 20 signs are mentioned in the book Seeing Life through Private Eyes. It was written by Californian Tom Martin after 40 years of research. He said that the same patterns are usually seen in people who cheat on their partners.

20 Signs That Your Partner Is With Someone Else

1. Changing habits
2. Leaving home early and returning late
3. Commuting
4. Absence at holiday or family events
5. More overtime
6. Unknown
7. Secret account on social media (Instagram email)
8. Hide your credit card bill
9. Add decorations
10. Someone else’s smell (lipstick stain on collar)
11. Buying gifts you didn’t see coming
12. Condom in the car
13. Joining a gym
14. No call from an unknown number
15. The hidden message
16. Less sex
17. Procrastinating or defensive
18. Outright lies
19. Less anger
20. Anger surprise visit

If 3 or 4 characters, you’re in trouble

In a conversation with an English-language website, Tom Martin says that even if one or two signs are found, it does not mean that the partner is a cheater. This could be a coincidence. But if three to four of these signs are seen in a partner, you may have a problem.

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