“I’ve dated 9 people so far… I’m still a virgin,” says the 35-year-old woman.


New Delhi: People become more modern over time. Having a girl-boyfriend or sexual relationship at a young age is considered very common. In contrast, sex before marriage is frowned upon in our society. Today’s young generation has its own rules and does not accept all these things. But even today, this woman of Indian origin living in America is very sensitive about her ideals, and even at the age of 35, she talks about a relationship only after marriage.

“I have sex after marriage”

Sonali Chandra, 35, a US resident, claims her parents grew up in India. After getting married, however, they moved to America. This is where I grew up. But to this day I am very happy that I have embraced my traditional Indian values. “When I was growing up, my parents never talked about sex,” she says. He always talked about arranged marriages. I still didn’t have a boyfriend when I was 23. She claims her father told her, “I’ll find you a good boy,” which made her shy.

Dated 9 men, but still Virgin’

“I have dated nine people in my life,” says Sonali Chandra. – But every time I mentioned my values ​​to my ex-boyfriend, he left me. Some of the boys formed relationships with me just to get a visa to work in America. Some guys even approached me for a one night stand. But I’m afraid of it.

“I’m 35 today, but I’m still a virgin and I’m not married,” she says. “Only after marriage do I have a relationship with my husband.”

However, she admitted to kissing her boyfriend for the first time when she was 26 years old. – It was an unusual and wonderful feeling. But nothing progressed after that.

Wants to motivate others

Even though people make fun of her and don’t understand the current generation, she says, “I want to inspire young girls and boys not to give in to society’s pressures and stick to their values.”

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