JDU slams poll strategist Prashant Kishore as an ‘entrepreneur’


New Delhi: Janata Dal United (JDU) President Rajiv Ranjan Lalan Singh on Saturday responded to poll strategist Prashant Kishore, saying the latter is a “businessman”. The JDU chief claimed that he was not ‘called’ instead he himself wanted to meet CM Nitish Kumar.

The JDU Chairman said, “He is a businessman and is doing marketing to increase his business. No offer was made to him (to join JDU). He himself would have liked to meet CM…”

Ranjeev Ranjan also claimed that Kishore lied to the media about being “summoned” by the JDU for talks.

He said, “It was scheduled for 4 pm to meet the Prime Minister, but two hours before that, he told the media that he called but will not go, CM will wait. This is all part of marketing.”

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He said Bihar CM Nitish Kumar eventually told him to meet with the national head of the party. “We talked for 1.5 hours in Delhi; he told him to operate within party discipline and that everyone should accept the party’s decision regardless of differing opinions.”

It is worth noting that the JDU – one of the ruling coalition parties – and the political strategist Kishore have been exchanging holes for each other for weeks.

However, CM Kumar and Kishor’s meeting sparked speculation as to whether the two will come again.

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