Karnataka High Commissioner set aside lower court order over congressional Twitter accounts


Bengaluru: The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday overturned a civil court order directing Twitter to ban the Congress account and the Bharat Gudu Yatra account in connection with a copyright infringement claim.

The decision comes a day after the Bengaluru Civil Court issued a temporary injunction regarding the official Congress Twitter accounts.

The case relates to copyright infringement initiated by MRT Music due to the alleged unauthorized use of music from the Kannada blockbuster ‘KGF-2’ during the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

The PTI news agency reported that the Supreme Court overturned the civil court’s order, describing it as a “punitive measure”.

The court also ordered the party to provide screenshots from its Twitter and other social media accounts before removing the controversial material.

“We believe that Prayer deserves to be allowed to set aside the contested order, provided that the appellant removes the offending material,” the bench of Justices J. Narendar and Judge BN Desai ruled while hearing the petition from Congress at an emergency hearing Tuesday night, reports Indian Express.

Congress agreed to remove the 45-second clip that used the copyrighted song before noon on Wednesday from all of its social media accounts.

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