Karnataka Legislative Assembly passes anti-corruption bill, here’s all you need to know


Belagavi: The Karnataka Assembly on Thursday passed the Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021 or the Anti-Conversion Bill. The bill was passed in the house amid uproar by the opposition.

What is the Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021 or Anti-Conversion Bill?

The Bill will provide for protection of the right to freedom of religion and prohibition of unlawful conversion from one religion to another by misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, inducement or any fraudulent means.

It proposes imprisonment of up to 10 years for forced conversion.

In the state assembly on Thursday, Karnataka’s Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, JC Madhuswamy, put on record that the bill was actually introduced in 2016 by the Siddaramaiah-led government.

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah alleged that the draft bill prepared in 2016 was completely different from the one prepared by the current state government in 2021.

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said, “We know the condition of SCs and STs. They are ignored and they remain weak. Our intention behind bringing this bill is to protect SC, ST communities and women.”

During the discussion on the bill in the assembly, Karnataka Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister KS Eshwarappa said, “We are all from the RSS and yes we have borrowed from the RSS. RSS taught us to save this country, religion and culture. Why have we got this bill from that culture.”

Karnataka Science and Technology Minister Ashwathnarayana CN said, “It was a much-awaited bill. It will facilitate transparency and accountability. It is a forward-looking bill that will address many of the challenges being faced at present. It will create harmony in the society.” will do.”

First published:December 23, 2021, 9:34 pm

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