Know everything about PM-PRANAM scheme of Modi government: Big change for farmers!


New Delhi: You may recall that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day speech on August 15, urged farmers to reduce their reliance on fertilizers. He asked farmers to adopt natural farming practices.

Prime Minister Modi said, “Natural farming, chemical-free farming can give strength to the country’s goal of becoming self-sufficient.” At the Natural Farming Conclave this July, Prime Minister Modi reminded farmers that natural farming is the key to prosperity. In addition to being a tool, there is also respect and service to Mother Earth.

“When you practice natural farming, you serve Mother Earth and protect the quality and productivity of the soil. If you practice natural farming, you serve nature and the environment. If you join natural farming, you will also have the privilege of serving Gaumata.

The introduction of a policy related to natural farming is in progress

This shows that the central government is working to introduce a policy on natural farming and now according to various reports, it is soon ready to promote the Pradhan Mantri-Alternative Nutrient and Agricultural Management (PM-PRANAM) system. The goal of the PM-PRANAM system is to reduce the use of artificial fertilizers and promote sustainable farming practices.

Under the program, states that use less fertilizer in a given year than the average amount of the past three years receive incentives. 50% of the fertilizer subsidy is made available to the states by using less fertilizer. It should be noted that farmers have been heavily dependent on fertilizers such as urea, diammonium phosphate (DAP) and murate of potassium (MOP) to increase their crop yields.

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