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Today’s horoscope – November 16, 2022 (Wednesday): Renowned astrologer Deepa Sharma predicts how each of the 12 zodiac signs will feel today. Who will be happy and who will have to deal with hardships?

The horoscope contains 12 zodiac signs, and each person’s zodiac sign is unique. If you know your zodiac sign, read this post to find out how your day is going today. In fact, the movement of the planets, which have positive and negative effects on our lives, creates auspicious and inauspicious hours in astrology. This indicates whether today is good, normal or bad for you. You can find out about yours based on your zodiac sign Numerology Horoscope and use the tips to make your day special.


You will have the opportunity to go on a long trip today, but you will have to turn it down. You can profit from your efforts. Just control your anger. Today is a good day to be careful; both time and money are spent on travel today, but the income remains; mind your own business today; and there will be a cold war atmosphere with the partner.
lucky number – 9
Lucky Color – Chestnut brown


Even if the work environment is delicate and controversial, it is not suitable for changing jobs; however, circumstances may require it; decide after careful consideration; a little upside down, then it distracts from the bone. However, you don’t have to worry about your health. Keeping the peace in the family is the only way to keep your partner happy.
Lucky number – 3
Lucky color – Chestnut


As your lord is high in Kendra, money situation has improved, don’t worry about money; all money related problems will be solved, the time of promotion in the job should be fixed on time and good performance should be given. Elders will be blessed if there is tension in their relationship with their partner. Numerology horoscope says you can go for a walk with a friend and avoid social media.
Lucky number – 6
Lucky color “Yellow.”


You may be worried about your career and personal life today, but there is nothing to worry about; luck is on your side. The money is spent on religious trips, but the mind also gets peace and relaxation. Friends help you feel better, so spending time with them is good for you.
Lucky number – 4
Lucky color – pink


Today it is possible for money to return, some old stuck money may return, which will strengthen your financial side, but due to a bad eating habit, take extra care of your health. It will take work to strengthen the relationship.
Lucky number – 9
Lucky color “Saffron.”


Be careful when dealing with money and be careful when doing any business. You will get new job opportunities today, and you can impress your boss with your talent, which could lead to a promotion. Today, he will continue to be successful in his court work.
Lucky number – 5
Lucky color “Brown.”


Today you recover from a long-term illness, and your father presents you with a special gift. You also participate in a travel program. Avoid anger; otherwise you can get into a lot of trouble. Unnecessary expenses should be avoided. A disagreement with your partner may develop.
Lucky number – 1
Lucky color – Gray


A day of profit for business people and new avenues of income, with opportunities to travel, but be careful when traveling because there is a risk of injury or accident. It could be a big family event, buying a new apartment or house, or going on a business trip.
Lucky number – 8
Lucky color “Green.”


The chance of moving increases, as does the chance of changing houses or jobs; today is a good day to acquire ancestral property; and if you change jobs, make an informed decision. Try to eliminate the financial crisis today. Today is an excellent day for real estate transactions.
Lucky number – 6
Lucky color “Silver.”


You will be full of energy, full of enthusiasm and active, and your personality will impress everyone, as a result of which you will gain respect and improve your social reputation. There may be disagreements with your brother; control speech; anyone in the office can be an enemy. Your partner can present you with a gift today.
Lucky number – 9
Lucky color – Mehndi color


Make an informed decision today, you can spend the money on the comfort of your home. Your very creative mind will be working today and thinking of something new. The day is favorable for those working in the media, film industry and creative fields; they spend time with their families and there is a chance that money will come in today. Be careful if you get separated from your partner.
Lucky number – 6
Lucky color “Brown.”


According to today’s horoscope, today is a good day to invest in a new plan. You will finish an old project that has been holding you back, which will make you feel good. Your friends and sisters and brothers will help you.
Lucky number – 1
Lucky color “It’s red.”

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