Has Made an Imprint of Truth and Simplicity on the Readers


Namit Jain is the founder of and founded in early 2017. Initially, the team had only 10 members and today it has grown to 100.

New Delhi: Awareness is the biggest weapon to fight for your rights and privileges. Traditional media left its mark on human society a long time ago and its importance is undeniable. However, as the times have changed, so have the people. People don’t have time to sit and read newspaper while sipping hot coffee. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity and growth of digital media. It is convenient, accessible and less time consuming. is one of the largest digital news portal in the country.

Namit Jain is the founder of and founded in early 2017. Initially, there were only 10 members in the team and today there are 100. Amazed by this growth, it has proved to be a sign of meritorious work and the success of the company. has a readership base of twenty five lakhs. By the end of August 2017, they had reached two million readers, an unprecedented feat.

Mr. Jain says he did not expect the website to hit the masses any time soon. However, they are grateful and grateful for the support of readers. He is proud that politicians and bureaucrats also trust and recommend news portals. They stick to their tag line “Sach Kahenge Lalluram”, which roughly translates to Lalluram who speaks the truth. He has made his place in the hearts and minds of the people.

Namit says that many people rejected the name of the website because they felt it lacked seriousness. However, his team was supportive, and they believed the content and credibility of their reporting would turn heads, and it just so happened. According to people today, has become synonymous with truth and simplicity. They eagerly wait for the website to publish the news as they believe that every news will be published from a reliable source. He started the venture when he understood that there was a place and need for relevant and credible news in the digital space. Also, he believes that while many consider the name Lallu or Lalluram to be a person of low intelligence, it resonates with truth and simplicity in Chhattisgarh. He and his company believe that this has been the most appropriate name for the website. is a testament to the growth of reliable, efficient and fast-paced digital media and this has been their USP.

First published:September 30, 2021, 3:56 pm

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