Launched Xiaomi 12S Ultra with Sony IMX989 sensor with 1-inch type sensor size

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Sony 1 inch sensor

Xiaomi is set to launch the Xiaomi 12S Ultra flagship smartphone on July 4. Before the phone reached consumers, it was marketed with big numbers that came with it. So far all we know is that the phone will offer efficient and powerful hardware, thanks to Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, and will have a new design with a gold frame and a contrasting tint on the rear panel. Rumors have also swirled about its cameras, however, nothing has really been confirmed so far other than knowing that it might feature Leica-branded optics.

Now the company has unveiled the Xiaomi 12S Ultra’s cameras in all their glory and it seems to be the highlight of the phone. The flagship smartphone is supposed to be equipped with a 1-inch type sensor co-developed by Sony. The development cost of this sensor is said to be $15 million and the cost has been split between Sony and Xiaomi.

This sensor size is used in the company’s new Sony IMX989 sensor. This is a flagship sensor from the brand and it makes its debut on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

Although the Sony IMX989 sensor with 1-inch size sounds great, it’s not the first 1-inch size sensor in smartphones. In the past, we’ve seen a custom 1-inch sensor on the Sony Xperia Pro 1 and a 1-inch sensor made by an unknown brand on the Sharp Aquos R6.

However, both had their limitations as the Sony’s was a 12 MP lens, while the Sharp’s was a 20 MP lens. With the IMX989’s new 1-inch sensor size, it should support better optics, and that said, we expect it to offer a better overall camera experience.

Previous leaks have suggested that the primary lens used on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be a 50MP unit. This Sony IMX989 50MP lens with huge sensor size will be the first on the market and that’s what Xiaomi seems to be betting on.

Although nothing is confirmed or revealed about its characteristics, we can still expect it to offer better and brighter photos since it will be able to take more light, thanks to its size.

Apart from the main camera, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is expected to have two other lenses – a 48MP telephoto (5x optical zoom) and a 48MP ultra-wide lens – which makes the device have a total of three cameras. The cameras here will be branded by Leica optics.

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