Love has no age! A 19-year-old girl marries a 70-year-old man in a unique love story


A 19-year-old girl bumped into a 70-year-old man on a morning walk, and then they both struck up a conversation before snapping at each other. The couple’s love story went viral. Liaqat and Shamaila are both from Lahore.

Both of them are frank about their love story

Liaqat recalled their first meeting: “One time (Shamayleh) was going, so she started humming the song from behind.” My sight returned. So, what was it? We fell madly in love.

When asked about the age difference, Shamayleh replied, “Look… age is not seen in love, love just happens.” It doesn’t matter your age or caste; It’s just love.

The couple revealed that they got married earlier this year.

Shamayleh alleged that her family members were initially against the relationship, but were eventually persuaded.

When asked if he should marry an age difference, Liaqat said, “Yes, it should be done.” Meanwhile, Shamayleh said that everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit.

According to Liaquat, there is no age limit for romance. Every age has its own romance. Liaqat stated that he was living the good life. Shamaila is very pleased with Liaquat.

The couple performed a song for each other

“Jaanu sun zara, aankhen to mila…” Liaqat sang to Shamaila during the interview. For Liaquat, Shamayleh sang the song “Mohabbat Barsa Dina Tom and Sawan Aya Hai”.

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