New Delhi: We hear many stories of people taking lives when they are deceived in love. A bizarre case has come to the fore where a guy went live on Facebook and did a horrible thing that will make your soul shudder.

He talked to his girlfriend on the phone for hours every day. But gradually the girlfriend started moving away from him. Their phone conversation also stopped. When the guy insisted on calling her, the girlfriend scolded him. After that, the crazy lover’s brain was turned upside down. He did Facebook Live and then played Holi of blood in front of the camera.

His girlfriend cut his throat when he got angry

This heartbreaking case is from Hyderabad. But it is related to Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a guy named Shailesh is a resident of Bhagwanpur Tola in Amhwa, Purandarpur police station area. He was in love with a girl who lived near the village. The breakup of their love affair occurred when the girl’s marriage was recorded elsewhere.

After that, she broke off the conversation with Shailesh. Shailesh was deeply shocked and could not bear this love scam. One day, when his girlfriend scolded him on the phone and refused to call him, Shailesh slit his throat with a galender machine on Facebook Live.

He made many posts on Facebook before slitting his throat

Shailesh fell so madly in love with his girlfriend that he didn’t give up on her even after she rejected him several times. He also posted several messages and pictures on Facebook of the girl he was involved with. Tired of these antics, she scolded him over the phone and asked him to keep quiet. But Shailesh’s craze grew so much that he did a Facebook Live for the first time. He cursed his girlfriend violently in it. Then, in front of the camera, he started the Gallender machine and cut his neck.

A horrific video of the suicide attempt has gone viral on social media

On Facebook Live on Tuesday, she said: “First he spoke to me on the phone and then he stopped calling. One day he called her and scolded her. I felt very bad.” After that, he told her that he loved her very much and then attempted suicide. This video of Shailesh is now becoming very popular on social media. This video is so scary it’s heartbreaking to watch.

Shailesh’s life fluctuates between life and death

There was outrage on Facebook after the horrific incident. People nearby took Shailesh to a private hospital in Hyderabad. There was a lot of blood because of the gap, yet he counted his last breaths. He is being treated in hospital, but his condition is said to be very critical. Shailesh’s family members went to Hyderabad. The police are also investigating the case.


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