Mahindra XUV400: THESE Drawbacks You Should Know!


New Delhi: Mahindra has introduced the XUV 400 (Mahindra XUV400). It has a 39.4 kwh battery. The company claims that the XUV400 can offer a range of 456 km on a single charge. It is based on the company’s own XUV300. It can be called an electric version of the XUV300. However, its length is greater than that of the XUV300. Its length is 4.2 meters while the length of the XUV300 is less than 4 meters. But is the XUV 400 perfect? We explain its 3 drawbacks.

1- Old Design

As we mentioned, it is based on the XUV300, so its design is almost identical to the XUV300, which you have already seen. However, a lot of copper trim elements have been used to make the SUV look electric. Other than that, the front end is also different from the XUV300, but the rest remains the same as the XUV300.

2- Lack of features

The XUV400 is not an electric SUV with many features. Type-C charging port is also not provided on the XUV400, while many cars have now started getting Type-C charging port. Apart from that, it also does not get ventilated seats while its rival Tata Nexon EV Max gets seats ventilated (front). Wireless charging is also not available.

3- Rear CA sales

It is believed that the price of XUV400 may exceed Rs 15 lakh. However, prices have not yet been announced. But, if it is priced above 15 lakh, people would at least expect to get rear AC vents while the car doesn’t get rear AC vents.

What is good?

It’s not that the car only has its drawbacks, it also has its advantages. The engine is quite powerful and the battery is also huge. Apart from this, the length of the car is 4.2 meters, so there is more space available in the car. Get the best boot space in the segment.

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