Mahua Moitra plays football in saree, pictures go viral; fans react


New Delhi: Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra made headlines again and this time for playing football in a beautiful saree before the final of the Krishnanagar MP Cup tournament.

Moitra uploads the pictures where she can be seen in an orange saree and sports shoes. In the first selection, he kicks the ball, while in the second, he plays goalkeeper.

“Fun moments from the Krishnanagar MP Cup Tournament 2022 final. And yes, I’m playing in a saree,” she captioned the photos on Twitter.

Mahua Moitra plays football in saree, fans praise her enthusiasm

Fans of the politician and other social media users didn’t take long to react to the images, which set new fashion and sports goals. Among others, Sharmistha Mukherjee, daughter of former Indian President Pranab Mukherjee, wrote “cool love the shot”.

Hum Khetle Hai – Moitra gets hit by a troll

One fan tried to pick out her outfit and commented on her choice to use Google during the shoot. Moitra had an answer ready for the troll.

User wrote: “The lady in the first picture: In football they say Thudda Marna (hit with the toe), I hope the toe is fineaur samajh nhi aaya Googles pehan ke Kaun khelta Hai football bhai?”

To this Moitra replied very confidently, “Hum khelte hai.”

Then the fan thanked for the answer and said:Haha thanks a lot ma’am for the reply. First reply to my tweet from an Indian MP. Saved my dayAs a doctor you Mera farz tha puchna … btw swag Hai madam chasma Walo ka #GulatiFanHere.”

Another fan praised her for setting fashion goals, writing: β€œFootball and Saree are tough competitors but you made it look easy.”

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