Man carries giant python on shoulder. WATCH spine-chilling video here


New Delhi: Do you find reptiles thrilling? Do you often search for material on the Internet that showcases reptiles? Then this video is for you.

In the viral video, a man is seen carrying a big snake on his shoulders. Yes, you heard it right. The spine-chilling clip has been shared by a user ‘Heapgul5’ on Instagram and it has garnered over 8,400 likes so far. The recording begins when the man moves a giant yellow snake from one room in his zoo to another. Watch the video here:

This video shared on 7 January is becoming very viral. 8,400 Likes and many responses. One of the Instagram users commented, ‘I am watching till the end. Curiosity bites me to watch this video”, while another wrote, “Speechless”, while the third said, “Wow how scary…” while clapping and several other comments about the heart emoji .

First Published:January 10, 2022, 4:53 PM

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