Man from US found 40 years old message bottle in the Pear River


New Delhi: Recently, a retired school principal and amateur treasure hunter from the US state of Louisiana found a 40-year-old beer bottle with a handwritten note inside. The man found the bottle while walking in the Körte River, opened it and found a note written in 1983.

What was written in the 40-year-old message bottle?

The note, dated June 4, 1983, reads: “To the finder of the mystery bottle, I am David and I live in Jackson, Mississippi. I am 3 years old. If you find my bottle, please call me. Good luck and happy hunting.”

What happened when the man called this number?

After reading the letter, he called the number mentioned in the letter. He found that the number was still being used by the same person called David Blank’s parents. They then contacted David, who was excited to learn that his old note had been found.

However, David had no clear recollection of putting a message in the bottle as he was only three years old when he wrote the note. It was later discovered that David signed the letter with the help of his older cousin back in 1983. The bottle was dumped near the town of Pearl River, which is much further away from where it was found.

The message bottle is an old practice or concept of talking or talking to each other that we have only seen in movies. Back in the days when there were no telephones or landlines, people communicated by letter. People wrote messages to their friends, family or lovers and threw them into the ocean. But this idea wasn’t just limited to movies; many have done it in real life.

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