Man out of control, wife in love, reaches hospital from bedroom


As the love between two people deepens, so does their intimacy. The couple’s relationship is also influenced by their romantic love life. People generally believe that only young people romanticize. However, this is not the case. There are many such couples who romance each other until the end of their lives. Only the mode of intimacy changes. Doctors shared the incident with an elderly couple who, at the age of fifty, were caught romance like a young couple in the case reports of the International Journal of Surgery. However, this proved to be extremely dangerous for the individual.

This man from Java, Indonesia was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Blood began to flow from his urethra. At the same time, his private parts were swollen and turned purple. Doctors had no choice but to perform his surgery immediately. As a result, his life was saved. When he regained consciousness and was asked how he got into such a state, he was told that he had lost control while romanticizing his wife. The health status of this person has now been published in a medical journal.

Arrived at the hospital in excruciating pain

The man was taken to the Dr. Soetomo General Hospital in Java, Indonesia. He was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. Doctors believe that his private part collided with her pubic bone when he struck up a romance with his wife. The couple then heard something crack and the person shook in pain. By the time he got to the hospital, his condition had deteriorated. He was in the OR for two hours. Doctors had to remove the upper part of his privates to treat the damage inside.

Enter in the diary

These cases from around the world are documented in medical journals; you are unique. These cases can be used to handle similar incidents in the future. This medical journal is extremely useful. In this case, the patient was hospitalized with a ruptured urethra and a serious injury to the private part. The man was in the hospital for five days. After a long time, he was able to return to normal and rekindle his romance with his wife.

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