Man quits Rs 3.5 Crore salary job, HIS reason will SHOCK you


New Delhi: In this 21st century, youngsters are running in the race of being most adventurous and daring in their life. Filling Instagram with the clippings of bungee jumping and sky diving, this man has surpassed everyone with his more in life.

Michael Lin left his full-time job at Netflix that paid him Rs 3.5 crore a years because it got “boring” and “monotonous” for him. He had joined the company back in 2017 as a Senior Software Engineer after leaving from Amazon. 

“At the time, I thought I would stay with Netflix forever,” he wrote on LinkedIn. “I made $450,000 a year (about Rs 3.5 crore), got free food daily, and had unlimited paid time off. It was the Big Tech dream.”

Lin shared that many of his close peers called his decision crazy and stupid as he was throwing away a perfect life. 

“My parents were the first to object. For them, quitting the job was like throwing away their hard work of immigrating to the US. My mentor was the second to object,” he said.

Lin believes that there was a lot of learning in the initial years but due to Covid lockdown, everything that he liked changed. The socializing, the coworkers, the perks – came to an end.  “The only thing left was the work itself, and I didn’t enjoy it anymore,” he said.


Lin revealed that “working at Netflix was like getting paid to work on case studies one learns about in MBA programs. They made the memos for every product decision available for all employees to read, and I learned so much every day”.

After quitting at the company, Lin started his own company and everything that feared him has turned into advantages. 

“I’ve met more people through starting my own business – other entrepreneurs, writers, and creators,” he stated.


He added that he felt a deep calm and a sense of relief inside +and believed everything would eventually work out.


“It’s been eight months since I quit my job at Netflix, and I’ve decided to commit fully to working for myself,” Lin said. “Although I’m just starting and don’t have any dependable streams of income yet, I am going to trust the process that if I do work that energizes me, good things will happen”, Lin believes.

first published:June 6, 2022, 5:31 p.m.

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