Man urinates at Delhi Metro station, DMRC responds


New Delhi: Passengers at Delhi’s Malviya Nagar metro station were shocked when they saw a man urinating on the train track. It is the first time that a video of an incident like this has been documented. However, the date of the incident is still unclear.

This video was shared on Twitter by a user named Sanjeev Babbar a few days ago. In the video, he wrote, I came across this video on WhatsApp, which I am sharing. This would have happened for the first time in the Delhi Metro.

The person said: “…had too much”

The person making the video approaches the person urinating and asks, “Where are you urinating, why are you urinating? The person urinating shows his hand at this point and gestures to stop now. The man who makes the video asks again, “Why is he peeing in here?” The person peeing in this replies, “he had too much.”

Here is the video of the incident

DMRC took cognizance of the matter

Taking cognizance of the viral video, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) asked for the name of the station. The incident was said to be from Malviya Nagar metro station. Based on the information, the person urinating will be identified and action will be taken against him.

Seeing this video on social media, users fiercely expressed their displeasure. One user wrote: “Have people lost their civic sense? Civic sense is very necessary in a developing country but people do these acts and then say our country will become a superpower. Another user wrote : “This is a very shameful incident.” An example should be set by punishing this person.

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