Man wanted to marry foreign girl strangles wife to death


New Delhi: A man in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut killed his wife and buried her under a bridge because he wanted to marry a Saudi girl. The man demanded dowry from the victim but killed her as she did not fulfill his demands.

The nation was already drenched in the gruesome details of the Shraddha murder case, while another murder case sent shockwaves through the people of Meerut who saw her dead body.

According to Amar Ujala, as soon as the police received information about the body, they immediately arrived at the scene to send it for post-mortem. The post-mortem report made sensational revelations in the case.

According to the police, Shafiquddin’s son Nizamuddin reached the SSP office with his family members on Friday. He said that 11 years ago, his daughter Nasreen got married to Aamir, who was a resident of Humayun Nagar.

Allegedly, a few days after the marriage, the girl’s husband started demanding a dowry. He is having an illegal relationship with a foreign woman whom he wanted to marry.

When Nasreen protested, she was murdered on November 29. The father demanded that the body be removed from the grave and an autopsy performed.

After that, DM Deepak Meena ordered the Lisadi Gate police to remove the woman’s body from the grave. After that, the cutting must be done. The body was exhumed on Sunday and the post-mortem report revealed the mystery of the murder.

Choked to death

A subsequent report revealed that the victim had been strangled to death. During the investigation, it was revealed that her husband, Aamir Khan, committed the crime in connection with his marriage to his girlfriend from Saudi Arabia, who lives abroad.

Police have registered a murder case against her husband, father-in-law Jan Mohammad, mother-in-law Zakroon, brother-in-law Nadeem and Firoz at Lisadigate police station. After that, on November 25, the in-laws buried the body without notifying the parents. Upon the maternal uncle’s complaint, the body was removed from the grave and an autopsy was performed.

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