McDonald’s temporarily closes its outlets in Russia

Moscow, Russia): Fast food chain McDonald’s is temporarily closing its outlets in Russia.

“McDonald’s has decided to temporarily close all of our restaurants in Russia and cease all operations at the market,” CNN said in a statement on Tuesday.

McDonald’s had 847 locations in Russia at the end of last year. Globally, the majority of McDonald’s locations are operated by franchise operators. However, this is not the case in Russia as 84 percent of the locations are operated by the company, according to the document.

“In Russia, we employ 62,000 people who have put their heart and soul into our McDonald’s brand to serve their communities. We work with hundreds of local, Russian suppliers and partners who design the food for our menus. produce and support our brand. And we serve the millions of Russian customers who rely on McDonald’s every day. In the more than thirty years that McDonald’s operates in Russia, we have become an essential part of the 850 communities we serve in which we operate,” Kempczinski said.

But, he added, “at the same time, our values ​​mean that we cannot ignore the unnecessary human suffering in Ukraine.”

After the country’s attack on Ukraine, many companies in many industries have ceased operations in Russia.

First published:March 8, 2022, 11:57 pm

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