7 Most Effective Types Of Medieval Armors


On a battlefield, weapons are the most crucial things that soldiers use. However, this is not enough for success as it’s only one part of the battleground success. Medieval body armors were the best way to protect the body from any kind of weapon attack. Today, these medieval armors are used in theatre, shows, and performances which makes them look for the best Medieval Armour Suit manufacturers.

Warriors and soldiers in the medieval period used to wear different types of body armor to keep protected themselves from attacks and weapons. Let’s have a look at these important and effective 7 medieval armors.


Quilted jacket

One of the most common medieval armor that soldiers used in ancient times is the quilted jacket. This was the cheapest form of armor that was widely worn during a battle. This jacket was different from the other types of medieval armor that consisted of metals and chains. It was ordinary clothing like a jacket that comes with padded layers.

This padded defensive jacket was worn as armor either separately or combined with a plate or mail armor. Because of its padded layers, it was suitable for preventing any damage attacks by sharp weapons.

Designed with the force of blows, this sort of medieval body armor was used to have a softening the impact of blunt weapons. Because of this, there was a higher chance of reduction of damage from the sword.

Shell armor:

Another effective and most common body armor of the medieval age was shell armor. This type of body armor was made of shells from different creatures to ensure its sturdiness. Some of the creature’s shells that were used in the design of this armor were turtles, sea slug homes, or clams.

Through it was made up of shells, it was widely worn by the soldiers in the battlegrounds because of its immense protection. Though this was not good for bludgeoning attacks, shell armor proved to be effective against many attacks of different weapons. Among different medieval armor types, shell armor was one of the most popular ones as it was able to prevent receiving a critical hit. As with other protective suits, shell armor does not perform well if the attacker is using a bludgeon.

Laminar armor

Laminar armor was another main body armor that was worn by the soldiers in the medieval era. The good thing about this protective body suit was its interchangeable feature. Because of this, it was used alongside lamellar armor.

In this body armor, the main element was the iron scales. This body armor was made from hundreds of iron scales and sometimes more than that also. All these iron scales were laced or riveted together to add extra sturdiness to the body armor. Because of iron scales, it appeared similar to lamellar armor.

Laminar armor was considered an effective protective body suit for providing a defense against attacks. the quality of laminar body armor was dependent on the materials that were used for its design.

Further, this body armor was categorized into different types which included leather laminar and steel laminar. The leather laminar was effective especially when there was a need of defending against bolts and arrows. Steel laminar was effective against piercing, slashing, thrusting, and other types of attacks.

Today, this protective body suit is highly in demand because of its application in stage shows, performances, theatres, and movies. If you’re looking for the best and high quality medieval armor for sale then choose a reliable manufacturer.

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Breastplate Armor

Breastplate armor was the most commonly used protective suit of ancient times that was worn during wars. During the late medieval period, there was a huge demand for these armors worn by the knights. Wearing this breastplate was important during the battles as it was perfect for protecting many vital organs.

With this armor, soldiers used to get the protection of the upper torso guards which included the heart and lungs. The second piece of this armor extending to the lower torso was suitable for protecting the lower body part such as the stomach, liver, guts, spleen, and kidneys.

The overlapped edge breastplate armor was flexible because of which it was easy to wear this armor for a longer time on the battlefield.

Plate armor

Plate armor is another historical type of protective body armor that was designed and made of metals for ensuring effective protection against weapons. Mainly, this armor was made of high quality from steel plates, bronze, and iron for protecting the entire body. This type of medieval armor was highly expensive to make as it only used metals for its design.

One thing to consider is that plate armor was the last type of armor that was made out of metal in the entire history of the medieval age. As made up of iron and steel, it provided full protection against thrusting, stabbing, and piercing attacks.

These days, Plate armor for sale is available from reputed manufacturers that can be used in cosplays, movies, and shows.

Boiled leather

Boiled leather was the first preference for many soldiers in medieval period battles that required a light defense. This type of medieval body armor was the best alternative as it was cheap and easy to design.

Though this was a lighter armor for easy carrying, it was not suitable for withstanding a direct attack from a blade or a gunshot.


This is a full-body jacket-like body armor that was designed with layers of fabric including quilted linen or wool. Because of all these things, gambeson was considered thick and strong. Also, gambeson was suitable for providing a strong defense against harsh attacks or weapons in the battleground or from sudden attacks from the back. If you want gambeson as a protective suit for any of your stage shows then make sure to choose a reliable company that offers the best medieval armor for sale.

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