MES builds the Runway Controller Hut with 3D printing


New Delhi: Military Engineer Services (MES) has built a ground-breaking Runway Controller Hut at Pune Air Force Station in just 30 days using 3D printing technology.

The revolutionary design includes, in addition to the ground floor roof that utilizes element technology, wall panels and a base made of 3D printed concrete. Steel beams empaneled with tempered glass were used to construct the upper level panels. Galvalume and PUF panels have been installed on the roof of the upper floor.

These cabins are an integral part of aviation safety and air traffic services and provide the Duty Air Traffic Control Officer (DATCO) with a critical contribution to the swift, safe and efficient conduct of air operations.

3D printing is a rapidly developing method

Building structures with 3D printing technology is a rapidly developing method. It uses a layering technique to build three-dimensional objects using computer-aided design.
The Runway Controller Hut’s restroom and stairs are both 3D printed. According to the authorities, requirements have been set for the entire construction, which are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Indian Army Chief Engineer Lieutenant General Harpal Singh inspected the new building on Wednesday.

Officials said that instead of being limited to a single technology, MES used a “hybrid approach” to speed up the construction process without compromising on quality.

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