Minor girls asked to clean the toilet at the parliamentary school


Guna: On Thursday, a number of embarrassing pictures of girls going to the school belonging to the 5th and 6th standard changing toilet floors have surfaced on the Internet from Madhya Pradesh’s Guna district.

According to media reports, the pictures are of a government primary and secondary school in Chak Devpur village in Guna district.

The pictures show the girls cleaning the toilet with a broom in hand. They also bring water in a bucket from a hand pump outside to clean the toilet.

The pictures show that the girls in uniform, who were supposed to study in the classrooms, were assigned to clean the toilets.

Chak Devpur has both primary and secondary schools on the same campus. Reports suggest that media persons, upon arriving at the school following the pictures on the internet, found the girls flushing the toilet.

Teachers present at the school told reporters that principal Indira Raghuvanshi was unavailable and had gone to Guna’s place for a meeting. It has been reported that the teachers refused to talk to media persons.

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