Monkey brings electrocuted friend to life after 20 minute-struggle, watch viral video


New Delhi: A friend in need is a friend – We all must have heard this proverb often in our childhood and in our youth. Not just humans, animals also share a strong bond of friendship and even they can go to any extent to save and protect their loved ones. A real example of this is the video of a monkey saving a fellow primate’s life after being electrocuted at a train station.

IFS Sushant Nanda has shared an old video captured in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in which a monkey while walking on high-voltage wires falls on a railway track after being struck by lightning.

Sharing the video, the Indian Forest Service (IFS) wrote, “Not without reason they are not called our ancestors… A monkey saves his friend from electric shock. He seems to have a degree in medicine too. “

Now in the video, the monkey is seen trying to wake up the unconscious friend by patting, biting. The tailed animal did not give up and grabbed its mate and drowned him in a puddle in an attempt to revive him.

After 20 minutes of continuous struggle, the monkey was finally able to get his friend back.

A large number of people gathered on the stage and some even put down their mobile phones and clicked pictures and made videos of the incident.

The video and pictures soon went viral and garnered global attention.

First published:December 13, 2021, 6 am

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