More than 100 children fell ill after eating a midday meal in Bhagalpur, Bihar state


Bhagalpur: More than 100 children fell ill after eating a contaminated meal at midday at the middle school of Muhammedpur village in Naugashiya, Bhagalpur district of Bihar on Thursday.

Naugachia sub-division officer Uttam Kumar said that about 100 children had a mid-day meal at the said school, according to news agency UNI.

Other reports indicate that the condition of 30 children is critical.

The officer said the children started vomiting and their condition deteriorated after which they were taken to the sub-hospital immediately.

All the children are under treatment at the hospital, and the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital in Bhagalpur has also been put on alert, Kumar said, as reported by UNI.

He said the reason for the contamination of the school’s midday meal was not yet ascertained.

The educational officer of the group was directed to investigate the incident.

Upon receiving the information, the children’s parents arrived at the hospital, accusing the school administration of negligence and demanding action.

Earlier in the same area, more than 50 children fell ill after eating their midday meal on August 5 this year.

Students of Jagdishpur Saino Preparatory School claimed that a lizard fell into the vegetables while cooking, and the school administration provided them with the vegetables along with other food for them.

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