Mother-in-law killed daughter-in-law, beheaded and reached PS


Hyderabad: Mother-in-law’s relationship is similar to that of mother-daughter, but there is less beauty in this relationship. Neither the daughter-in-law nor her mother-in-law can consider her mother-in-law as her mother. As a result, fights and fights have become common in this relationship. One such horror story has emerged from Annamayya in Andhra Pradesh. A mother-in-law cut off the daughter-in-law’s head and went to the police station; Whoever saw him like this trembled.

son died 10 years ago

According to media reports, there was no talk between Subbamma, a resident of Raichoti area, and her 35-year-old daughter-in-law Vasundhara. Vasundhara’s husband had died ten years ago. Shortly after the marriage, Vasundhara became a widow. She was living with her mother-in-law.

Subbamma beheaded her daughter-in-law Vasundhara at around 2:30 pm on Thursday, 11 August. Then she wrapped her head in polythene and left for the police station. The sight of blood falling on the road shook everyone. When the woman reached the police station, she bowed her head in front of the police.

Why did Subbamma go to the police station?

According to the police, Subbamma suspected her daughter-in-law of having an illicit relationship with a youth named Mallikarjuna. Vasundhara and her lover had allegedly planned to kill Subbamma to gain control of the property. Due to this suspicion, Subbamma killed her daughter-in-law. His head was severed from the trunk.

The body has been sent for postmortem. the police has started to investigate.

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