MS Dhoni remembers school, says ‘had no idea about some chapters’


New Delhi: Former India captain MS Dhoni may be one of the best Indian cricketers to have played for the country, but he was an average student in school. Dhoni, who led India to two World Cups, admitted that his attendance began to decline once he started playing cricket. By the time he was in 7th grade, he was an ‘average’ student before he fell in love with the sport.

The incident happened during the inauguration of Super Kings Academy at MS Dhoni Global School in Hosur, where a student asked him about his student life. Dhoni said that his father thought that he would not pass the board exams.

MS Dhoni misses his school exams

“I was overjoyed. My father thought I was not passing [10th board exam], He was like, it went, I must repeat, but he was so glad I passed. ,

“Does sport qualify as a subject? [on his favorite subject] I was an average student until I started playing cricket in class VII, so from then on my attendance started to drop a bit. But other than that, I was a good student. [In the] Tenth, I got 66 percent or something; I got 56 or 57 per cent marks in class 12th.

“I had very little attendance as I was playing throughout. So, it was tough for me, but I was an average student. In fact, in class 10 board, there were chapters about which I had no idea. So, I didn’t know what to write if any question comes from that particular chapter. That’s how bad it was, the 41-year-old concluded.

After Chennai and Salem, Super Kings Academy is all set to grow its branches with the opening of its next cricket facility in Hosur. Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni inaugurated the Super Kings Academy at MS Dhoni Global School, Hosur on Monday.

Going to school is like a time machine – MS Dhoni

“Whenever I go to any school, it’s like a time machine… I go straight back to the time I spent in my school. I always believe it’s one of the best times you’ve ever had There are studies, there are sports… but the time you spend in school never comes back. You always have lovely memories. You make friends here who will be with you for a very long time,” Dhoni said .

The 41-year-old is all set to make a return to the IPL in 2023, where he will once again lead the Chennai Super Kings. He led them to the title in 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021.

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