Mukesh Khanna called ‘sexist’ for his controversial remarks


New Delhi: Actor Mukesh Khanna found himself in a tight spot after netizens slammed him for a controversial statement. Well, Mukesh Khanna who is known for his role as Shaktimaan recently said that the girls who ask for sex are sex workers.

Mukesh Khanna posted a video on his YouTube channel Bhishma International last week. In the video titled, “Do you like a girl like that too?” (Are such girls woo you too), he said, “If any girl says to a boy ‘I want to have sex with you’, that girl is not a girl, she is dhand kar rahi (sex-desire) Girls and ask for it are sex workers)”

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He continued, “Because a girl from a civilized society would never do that, because a decent girl from a civilized society would never say such things.”
Hurt by his remark, internet users have criticized him. Netizens dubbed him ‘sexist’.

One user wrote, “When both Shakti and Maan (respect) leave you.” Another said, “Amazing logic. Although I understand that perhaps no girl would have said this to him. So it is very good for him to be in this illusion for the rest of his life.”

Yet another said, “Sorry Shaktimaan, this time you are wrong here.” A fourth added, “Even illiterate people will laugh at him with this logic.”

Notably, Mukesh Khanna was idolized by the entire 90s generation and this statement hurts his fans as well. Shaktimaan, which aired on Doordarshan, was considered to be India’s first superhero show.

Mr. Khanna also played the role of Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharata. Apart from this, the actor has also appeared in a few Bollywood movies, such as Saudagar, Main Khiladi Tu Anari and Hera Pheri (2000).

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