Mumbai: Explosion in Indian Navy warship INS Ranveer; 3 sailors martyred; 11 injured

Mumbai: At least three sailors were killed and 11 others injured in an explosion aboard Indian Navy warship INS Ranvir at Mumbai’s Naval Dockyard late Tuesday evening.

The cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained. A Board of Inquiry has been constituted to probe the incident.

The ship is returning to its base port soon

INS Ranvir is a warship originally stationed off the east coast at Vizag. It was in Mumbai from November 2021 and was scheduled to return to base soon.

There was a sudden explosion inside the ship on Tuesday evening. At least three sailors were killed and 11 others were injured in the incident.

According to a Defense Department spokesperson, the crew members on the ship arrived immediately after the explosion and were able to douse the fire caused by the explosion, preventing further damage to the ship.

Indian Navy sources said the weapons and explosives on board the ship are also safe from explosion.

INS Ranveer Joined the Indian Navy on 21 April 1986

INS Ranvir is the first warship of the Ranvir class. It was inducted into the Indian Navy on 21 April 1986. It was built in the former Soviet Union.

Current Chief of Naval Staff R. Harikumar has also been in charge of the ship in the past. Sailors who were injured in Tuesday’s blast have been admitted to INS Ashwini Hospital. Also, no information has been given regarding the deceased yet.

INS Ranveer armed with lethal weapons

Affiliated with the regiments of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles and Ladakh Scouts, the on-board armament of INS Ranvir includes surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft and anti-missile guns, torpedoes and anti-submarine rockets.

The engagement of a naval battleship with a military regiment is more of a tradition than an operation. INS Ranvir’s maritime roles include coastal and offshore patrolling, maritime patrol, maritime diplomacy, counter-terrorism and anti-piracy operations.

First published:January 19, 2022, 6:35 am


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