Muslim body quashes Kerala HC’s decisions on ‘khula’ demand


New Delhi: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) responded to the judgments of the Kerala High Court and said that a Muslim man reserves the right to refuse and accept the demand of ‘khula’ of his wife. It states that Muslim women only do not have the right to annul marriages.

It states, “If the man does not agree with Khula, the woman has the right to go for it”. fiskho Or judicial divorce,” said AIMPLB general secretary Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, retaining the man’s power to choose whether to give to the wife through ‘khula’.

Earlier this week, the Kerala High Court delivered a ruling that was contrary to Islamic law, which gave a man the right of a Muslim woman to seek divorce.

Hearing the matter, Justice A. Mohammad Mustaq and Justice C.S. Dias said, “In the absence of any mechanism in the country to recognize the termination of marriage at the instance of the wife when the husband refuses to consent, the court may simply hold it open Can be invoked without the conjugation of the husband.”

It states that open law under Islam shows that “women are subject to the will of their male counterparts.”

“This review does not appear to be innocuous at the instance of the appellant, but appears to have been supported and supported by the supremacist masculinity of the clergy and the Muslim community, who are unable to digest the declaration of the right of Muslim women. Extrajudicial divorce openUnilaterally,” rule the court.

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