Suggestions regarding title generation:

Make eye-catchy and interactive title in a conversational manner with the reader.

Title should be related to the given keyword. 

Keywords should be mentioned in the title. It is not mandatory to mention the focus keyword as a whole, you can also use it partially or some words of the keywords in the title. 

You can also use a full keyword if it is able to make a unique, interactive, and conversational title of the article.

The article title should always be interesting, as we are not writing it as Wikipedia, research or history content. 

Your title can be in question form like

What, how, where, can you believe? Did you know? Is it, 

Your title can be in suggestion mode, like,

tips and tricks, Simple ways to, a few steps, 5 benefits, 6 simple methods.

Please take a look at one example, with different ways you can make titles:

Keyword is- community development programs by Microfinance companies.

Different title suggestions are here-

How community development programs by NBFCs are helping people?


What is the impact of community development programs by NBFCs?


How NBFCs strengthen society’s financials through community development programs? See here!


Community development programs by NBFCs: See their impacts


Look how community development programs by microfinance companies are doing financial miracles for society


Can you believe community development programs by NBFCs have a huge impact? See how!

Overall content outline

When you’re about to write any type of content, the following considerations are a must:

Eye-catchy title centered on focus keyword

Introduction, not over 100 words. The focus keyword is mandatory to be used in the first paragraph of any content you write. Please don’t forget to highlight the keyword.

No paragraph should exceed 150 words. If the word count exceeds, break it either into a second paragraph or subheadings.

Don’t make too long sentences, the average length of every sentence in the content should not be over 20 words. If you’re not able to make short sentences, then make long sentences, and then break them into two parts, making it less than 20 words.

There should be a connection between sentences. It should be in a way when the reader starts reading starts from the beginning, he/she can understand every sentence in a stepwise manner, finding it in a complete flow.

There should be no unnecessary addition of sentences anywhere in the middle, having no connection with previous paragraphs or the content you’ve written ahead of it.

To make sentences conversational, interactive, and meaningful, try to add transitional words like Although, however, similarly, besides this, Also, Undoubtedly, Apart from this, In addition to this, etc. Usage of these words will make your content conversational, ensuring connectivity between sentences you’re writing.

Avoid passive voice: 

We should avoid passive voice in the content. As per the readability rule, there should be only 10% of passive voice in the content.

Write the whole content from start to end in a proper flow. The best way is the declare the topic and what you’re going to talk about in the content in the introduction part. News writers who declare about the whole topic in the end usually used this top-down approach, and then explain things ‌further in the content.

Content should be properly distributed in subheadings ( h2, h3, h4) depending upon the flow. There should be subheadings after every 300 words of content. 

Use research data, statistics, sayings or predictions (At least one such paragraph or sentence regarding your topic is mandatory to be used in articles)

  • Search for research data and statistics about the topic and keywords on the internet and try to mention them in the content.  
  • It can be research data in percentage, etc. For example-80% of the Indian population uses the internet.
  • It can be reported by famous magazines, news agencies, Government websites, and scientists.
  • You can also mention the saying or predictions of celebrities like a businessman, CEO, leaders, sportsmen, and scientists.

Note: While using any of the options from these, make sure it is related to your topic and keyword suggestion. Also, don’t forget to give a reference( name or website link) of the website from where you have taken it. 

Also, try to make short paragraphs, and mix them with bullet points.

The conclusion is mandatory for every content

Don’t end up with any content without a conclusion or endnote. The conclusion must have a focus keyword or a secondary keyword. Also, mention about client’s website in favor of which you are writing the content in a few words. Make what achievements about the company you’re mentioning should be related to the article topic, keyword, and the area which you have discussed in the article. While mentioning the company, write it in an informative manner.

Make Sure

The Article is free from plagiarism. It is not accepted at any cost.

Use the plagiarism checker tool before the final submission of content.

Yoast content analysis tool for readability score check

Hemingway App for Reading Grade check

Readability grade less than 9 is accepted.

Content should be grammatically correct

No spelling mistakes, silly grammatical mistakes, or sentence construction errors will be accepted.

Make sure every content is checked, checked before final submission, to avoid such unavoidable mistakes.

You can also install the Grammarly extension in your chrome to let it work in your google doc

Another Grammar Check extension:


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