Must read if you are in love


1- When love happens to someone, everything feels very good. Everyone can be conquered with love.

2- Those who love never care about anyone and are always happy.

3- True love happens only once in life, the rest of the time is compromised.

4- When you are in love, you like everything in your girlfriend, even if it is wrong.

5- Those who love have no age and anyone can fall in love with anyone.

6- Love is that feeling which is measured in depth not in meeting.

6- Love has no cost, when someone falls in love with someone, he does not want anything other than that love.

7- Infidelity in love does not work with any death, so love only after thinking.

8- Love is not done, it just happens. So appreciate your love.

9- Never be in a hurry in love, always understand each other, after that go ahead with your relation.

10- The love that is not true can never last long.

11- If you love anyone, first of all learn to respect him.

12- Money is nothing for those who love, they want to live their life in their own way.

13- True love always comes from the heart and not from your beauty.

14- Love is also blind, it does not give anything, when it has to happen, it just happens.

15- Meeting is not necessary in every love, so love by thinking.

16 – Not everyone can tolerate infidelity in love.

17- Love never happens by seeing all these colours, forms, castes.

18- Right love can make you and wrong love can destroy you.

19- There are many people in this world who love for their own meaning, they should be kept away from such people.

20-The feeling of love is very beautiful in this world, so we should respect the people who love us.
Even today in our society love is seen from a very wrong perspective. We need to change our thinking.

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