Egg drop from space: Every time something falls out of our hands, it breaks or gets damaged, but what about the egg, if we drop it from space, does the egg break? The assumption you made may be confirmed or false. Well, to find the answer to this, such an experiment was conducted by a NASA engineer, who made a video of the entire experiment and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. This video has been viewed more than 2 million times so far.

Well, now you must be wondering what would have happened if an egg was dropped from space, to find out you need to watch the video. The engineer conducting the experiment is named Mark Rober. Mark conducted this experiment with his NASA partner.

About the experiment

Mark and his partner loaded a rocket into a high-altitude balloon. Then by placing the egg in the rocket, it went into space and dropped the egg from there. Whether you’re a broken egg or not, you need to watch this video of Mark.

The egg fell from a height of more than 1 million feet

According to the information, the rocket mounted in a high-altitude balloon was taken to a height of more than 30.5 kilometers, i.e. a thousand feet. What is special is that this experiment has been carried out several times. They failed several times.

This experiment was completed in three years

You will be surprised to know this, but it took Mark and his partner about 1000 days, or three years, to complete this experiment. They say that during the completion of the experiment, sometimes the GPS gave problems and sometimes there was some kind of technical error.

At the end of the experiment, Mark also had to ask for the help of the person who successfully landed the Mars Curiosity on Mars. Well, after completing the experiment, Mark uploaded the video to YouTube on November 25, 2022.


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