Navars Edutech, Skyroot Aerospace set to launch 100 student-developed satellite constellations in 5 years

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based space startup Navarre Edutech has joined hands with Skyroute Aerospace to launch 100 student-developed satellites in the coming five years.

“This partnership will bring space activities much closer to students, a true democratization of space,” says Pawan Chandana, CEO, Skyroute Aerospace.

Navarre will lead this exciting edtech transformation at the school level for the first time in the country.

Navarre Edutech CEO Shravan Varma said, “Advanced space education is of great interest to Navarre Edutech. Navarre is excited to partner with Skyroute Aerospace to launch student-made payloads into space. These advanced technologies provide students with their own Empower them to apply knowledge and skills at an early age and inspire them to become the next generation of astronomers and space scientists.”

Navarre Edutech will become India’s first space education startup to design and launch satellites into space using Skyroute Aerospace’s indigenously developed private launch vehicle for K12 students.

With the mission to carry the first set of satellites to LEO (Low Earth Orbit) with Skyroute’s first launch Vikram-I in December-2022, students will develop satellite constellations intended for astronomical observation.

Navarre is striving to accelerate the space ecosystem among students through design, development and research in a plethora of satellites, launch vehicles, software programming, image and data analysis.

Navarre will transform India’s STEM space education program and open up new opportunities for students from the school level.

First published:February 15, 2022, 5:34 PM






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