Navjot Singh Sidhu was beaten up by the inmates of the cell for calling him ‘Thko Thko’


Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu surrendered today, a day after the Supreme Court sentenced him to one year in jail for a road-rage incident that killed a man 34 years ago. Sidhu was taken to Ludhiana Central Jail at around 10:10 am today.

The latest update from the jail reveals that Navjot Singh Sidhu was thrashed by the inmates of the cell when Sidhu said Thokko Thokko when he entered the cell.

Later Sidhu clarified that by Thko Thko he did not mean applause, after which Sidhu was provided security.

While it is sad for anyone to be behind bars, Sidhu has chosen to make the best use of his time in jail. Navjot Singh Sidhu has decided to use his time while in jail to write poetry (couplets), which will be released as a book later. “I will write PoetryIs. And I’ll release the book, – bulk,bulk” TeaOld Navjot Singh Sidhu fake,

AlthoughThe jailer and Sidhu’s lawyers are worried about Sidhu’s behavior And poetry can work Adverse for him and His If judges read poetry, then the jail term can be increased.

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