Netflix expands cloud gaming, opens new gaming studio


New Delhi: Netflix expands cloud gaming with opening of new studio in Southern California. The company’s vice president of gaming, Mike Verdu, revealed two pieces of information about the streaming giant’s entry into gaming, reports TechCrunch.

Netflix has opened a new game studio

According to Verdu, the platform is “seriously looking into cloud gaming”.

“This is added value. We do not ask for a subscription as a console exchange. It’s a completely different business model. I hope that over time it will become a very natural way to play wherever you are,” he added.

The company is expanding its in-house studio in California to accelerate game development.

Former “Overwatch” executive producer Chacko Sonny will serve as studio head in California. “Overwatch” was a huge hit for Blizzard Entertainment, earning billions of dollars.

“He could have done anything, but he chose to come here,” Verdu said.

“You can’t have people like that in your organization to build the next big thing in gaming unless we feel like we’re really in it for the long term and for the right reasons,” he added.

According to the report, since the announcement of Netflix’s entry into the gaming market, 35 games are available and another 14 are in development at its own studios.

Verdu said he currently has 55 games. These games offer licensed IPs (such as “Spongebob Squarepants”) and experiences based on original IPs (such as “Stranger Things”). In addition, the company also produces original games.

Netflix recently announced that it will monetize accounts that share passwords starting next year. For the uninitiated, the streaming platform has announced a new feature called “Profile Transfer,” which will allow users to keep their account information like watch history, saved shows, personalized recommendations, and My Lists even when if they update to the new version. profile.

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