New York man takes bath inside subway coach; video…


New Delhi: A video of a New York man bathing in a subway car is going viral on social media. The man is seen taking off his clothes, lathering up soap and bathing in front of another passenger.

A man is seen taking a bath in a New York subway bus compartment in a video that has gone viral on social media. The video shows a man taking off his slippers, jeans and shirt to get into a trolley bag. He then takes a bath and lathers soap among the other passengers with a large yellow sponge. While some passengers seem amused by the man’s performance, others are confused.

The man captioned the video: “Shower on NYC train.”

Netizens’ reaction

One user wrote: “Take the draw next time, otherwise this is weak.” Another user wrote: “Evergreen Kwabena Juelz ikr…let me try to figure something out.”

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