Good news: Successful treatment of new patients with the blood of old patients of Corona

In the midst of the horrific phase of the corona virus, a relieving news has arrived. Five severe patients infected with the corona virus have been treated with blood. This blood belonged to those patients who were previously infected with Corona virus. This method of Treatment Of Coronavirus was adopted in a hospital in China. Three patients have been sent back from the hospital. Two are still in hospital, but in much better condition than before. (Photo: Reuters)


The doctor treating these patients believes that this method of treatment can be cured by the blood of older patients. This news has been published on the DailyMail website. (Photo: Reuters)


 Good news: Successful treatment of new patients with the blood of old patients of Corona


On March 27, The Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital of China published a report on this method of treatment. The hospital management said that the five patients who were treated with the blood of older Corona patients were between 36 and 73 years old. (Photo: Reuters)

Scientists call the technique of covalent plasma to treat new patients with the blood of old patients. Many diseases have been cured by this. By this, the immunity is increased by putting the blood of old cured patients in the blood of new patients. (Photo: Reuters)


In this technique antibodies are made to fight the virus inside the blood. These antibodies fight the virus and kill them. Or press it. The Shenzhen Third Hospital also houses the National Clinical Research Center for the Study of Infectious Diseases. (Photo: Reuters)

Good news: Successful treatment of new patients with the blood of old patients of Corona


It was about 12 days ago when five patients present in this hospital were found infected with corona virus. Three of them were men and two women. The doctors of Shenzhen Hospital treated these patients with the blood of the old cured patients. (Photo: Reuters)



The hospital’s deputy director Liu Yingjia said that we started searching patients recovering from Corona from 30 January. For his blood, he then took out plasma and stored it. When new patients arrived, they were given this plasma dose. (Photo: AP)


Liu Yingjia told that we hope that the whole world can use our basic technology. It looks really beneficial. This Treatment Of Coronavirus technique is also reliable. The head of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Health Emergency Program, Dr. Mike Ryan, has described the Chinese hospital’s approach to blood treatment as excellent. Said that this is the right step according to this time.


Dr. Mike Ryan said that there is no better way to defeat Corona. By developing it, we can provide effective Treatment Of Coronavirus. This increases immunity in the body of the new patient and also the power to defeat the virus. This technique is quite old. Now it has been approved.

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