Seven Things PM Urges You To Follow During Extended Lockdown

Lockdown Extended- Fight Against Corona still on the way

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to extend the lockdown in the country till May 3 due to Corona virus. Addressing the countrymen, PM Modi said that in the next one week, the fight with Corona will be taken even more seriously. During this time, every town, every police station, every district, every state will be tested. In the end, PM Modi has also urged the countrymen to pay attention to 7 special things till 3 May, the period for which Lockdown Extended.


1. Take care of the elderly 

PM Modi has appealed people to take special care of the elders of the house. In particular, more emphasis has been laid on taking care of those who are already victims of some disease.


2. Lockdown and social distancing

PM Modi asked people to follow the rules of social distancing during lockdown. Essentially follow home made face masks.


3. Work to increase Immunity

PM Modi urged the public to regularly follow the instructions given by the Ministry of AYUSH to improve their immunity. Don’t forget to consume things like hot water and decoction.

 View here complete Guidelines:

4. Arogya Setu Mobile App

PM Modi also asked people to download the Arogya Setu Mobile App on their smartphones to help prevent corona infection. Advise others to download this app as well. 

Android users:

Download Arogya Setu Mobile App from here

iOS users: Download Arogya Setu Mobile App from here

5. Help of poor families

PM Modi urged people to come forward to help all poor families. Help meet their food needs.


6. Employer employee Relation

PM Modi also requested the owners and big businessmen of the companies that they should be compassionate towards the employees working here and in such a situation, do not remove anyone from the job.


7. Boost the morale of Corona warriors

PM Modi asked people to respect the warriors who fight Corona, such as doctors, nurses, sweepers or policemen. Only these warriors can expel the country from these bad conditions.

For realtime update on WorldWide Coronavirus Cases, visit here:


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