Why CoronaVirus Is Deadliest?


Coronavirus is an infectious disease, basically a type of flu that spreads when a person physically comes in contact with that virus. It recently erupted in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and since then it is spreading all over the world. Due to coronavirus 723,732 of people are infected and a total of 34,000 deaths are reported all over the world till 30 March 2020. Corona in India has also started spreading its deadly effects. Further the data keeps increasing day by day. As the virus can stay active on cardboard for 24 hours, on plastic and steel for 3 days. So, it’s compulsory to wash your hand immediately with soap and water, if you get in contact with these types of surfaces.


If a corona infected person sneezes or coughs without using hanky, the virus gets in the atmosphere and can affect those who get in contact with that virus. So, in many countries strict instructions are given to stay at home to break the chain of this virus.


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Reasons for Coronavirus to spread:

The main reason for the spreading of this virus is personal contact. This virus doesn’t have the ability to travel in air and it spreads when you come in contact with any respiratory droplet of the infected person. It may be possible that you have touched any infected metal surface, taken a bite from the burger of an infected person, shaken hands with a person who is infected from corona and recently sneezed by keeping hand on his mouth.


Symptoms of coronavirus:


People infected with coronavirus can be evaluated by these common symptoms.

  1. Mild fever
  2. Dry cough
  3. Sneezing
  4. Runny nose
  5. Difficulty in breathing
  6. Pain in chest


Apart from this, in extreme cases you can see the symptoms like pneumonia, acute respiratory problem or kidney failure in the corona suffering patients.


If you, your friends, relatives or any family member is suffering from these symptoms, it is better to visit a hospital nearby you. The hospital staff will perform various series of tests to confirm whether you are infected with this virus or not.


Preventive measures to avoid infection of coronavirus:

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap.
  2. Sanitize the things and surface that you regularly touched by using any alcohol-based hand rub or spray.
  3. Always wear a mask whether you are at your home or going outside.
  4. Put hanky on your mouth and nose whenever you sneeze or cough.
  5. If someone is infected with coronavirus in your family, just try to maintain 6 ft distance from them. As this is the maximum distance a respiratory droplet containing virus can travel on sneezing or coughing.
  6. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  7. If you are feeling sick, stay at your home and don’t go outside. If the situation doesn’t improve, then go to a hospital and consult a doctor. Also, wear a mask when going to the hospital.


Myths about coronavirus:


More than facts, there are the myths that make you afraid. So, beware from the myths and don’t take them seriously. Here are some common myths that are spreading these days:


  1. It doesn’t affect the people living in the area with high temperatures. But the truth is it is not proven till now that it will not affect the area with moderate or low temperature.
  2. Animals, basically your pets are the main reason to spread this virus. But the face is till now no animals have died or found infected from this virus.
  3. Only kids and old aged people are affected with this virus. But the fact is people with low immune levels get infected easily through this virus. Apart from this, many old aged people have recovered successfully from many areas.
  4. You get affected by coronavirus, if you eat at any Chinese restaurant. In fact, it is not only Chinese food, but you should avoid eating on street side stalls or restaurants whether it is Indian, Italian or Chinese. Further, you need to properly wash your hands and make your own food by washing vegetables multiple times in hot water.
  5. Few images of medicines have been circulated on social media, that on taking this medicine your body will be immune to this virus. But the fact is no such vaccinating or medicine has been invented so far to cure or make your body immune to this coronavirus. The only way to not get affected from this virus is social distancing.
  6. It’s a myth that UV rays can kill coronavirus, but the fact is you cannot use UV rays to sterilize your skin, hands or other body parts. As it causes skin irritation when your body comes in contact with UV rays. 
  7. Hand dryers kill coronavirus. But the fact is hand dryers are not an effective solution to kill this coronavirus.


What is the effect of coronavirus on the global economy:

  1. Major banks and institutions are cutting their forecast for the economy.
  2. Stock prices worldwide have seen a huge fall from the starting of 2020 due to this pandemic.
  3. Travel industry has faced a huge loss due to this pandemic. Flights, buses, trains all have been banned, so that people don’t come in contact with other people.
  4. Hotels and restaurants have been closed in many countries.
  5. Manufacturing plants, industries, corporate offices have been shut down.
  6. Corona in India is also creating a very negative influences in Indian economy, and life styles.


Hope, you liked the description. Our suggestion is always for you to keep yourself aware from this deadly CORONAVIRUS. After all

“Knowledge beats the Devil”

“Prevention is better than Cure”

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