NGT fines Punjab government Rs 2,000 crore for neglecting waste management in the state


New Delhi: The National Green Tribunal fined the Punjab government over Rs 2,000 crore for failing to remove solid and liquid waste, causing a significant delay between their generation and disposal.

Remedial action cannot be postponed indefinitely and health problems cannot be delayed for too long, according to a bench headed by NGT Chairman Justice AK Goel.

The bank stated that if budget allocations are in deficit, it is the sole responsibility of the state to adequately plan costs by cutting or increasing resources.

According to the NGT, compliance with waste management regulations must be considered very important.

The NGT calculated the total compensation to be Rs 2,180 crore.

The Punjab government has already paid Rs 100 crore to the court for failing to stop the outflow of untreated sewage and solid waste.

The state of Punjab can deposit the remaining amount of Rs 2,080 crore in another separate account within two months, the board decided.

The NGT oversees compliance with the State and Federal Territories Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 and other environmental challenges.

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