Nitish shows signs of entering national politics, said – we will not be CM in 2024


New Delhi: Nitish Kumar was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the eighth time on Wednesday. After being sworn in, Nitish is fiercely targeting the BJP and the Modi government. Nitish Kumar said that after 2020 assembly elections I did not want to become CM but I was made CM by pressure from all over.

Nitish said I have not even spoken to the media in the last two to three months. Nitish said that all was not well in the last few months, yesterday we had a meeting and a decision was taken to leave NDA. Nitish Kumar said that what we were in 2015 and what happened when we went with him, all this is not hidden from anyone.

Will we stay or not… what will remain…: Nitish
Nitish said whether we stay or not, what is left… Whatever these BJP people want, they should know that we will not stay in 2024. Appealing to the opposition, Nitish Kumar said the time has come for all people to unite. .

Time will tell if the people who are waiting for 2014 will be successful in 2024. Nitish said ask the people of our party who we were with, what was their approach and behavior. We supported him, but two of the three parties resigned. When we talked to the partygoers and everything came out, we went to our old place.

Atalji and BJP leaders of that time gave a lot of love: Nitish
Nitish Kumar said that the amount of love Atalji gave is different at that time. I cannot forget the love of BJP people at that time. Later when I went ask the partygoers what happened. Nitish also targeted the RCP during this period. He said that the man we put in charge, instead of staying in the party, he kept his mind somewhere else. Nitish said that I am not a candidate for the post of Chief Minister in 2024 but it is certain that people of 2014 will stay in 2024 or not, they will hold their own.

On Tuesday too, Nitish had attacked BJP strongly.
After resigning on Tuesday, Nitish Kumar had launched a scathing attack on the BJP. He had said that several JD(U) MLAs told me in today’s meeting that the BJP had undermined them during the 2020 state assembly elections. Chirag Paswan had fielded rebel BJP candidates on all JD(U) seats in the 2020 elections, with some claiming that it was a conspiracy by the BJP to enter the ruling coalition in the state. was a part.

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