No decision today, hearing till November 14


Varanasi: A fast track court in Varanasi adjourned the matter till November 14 on the request of the Hindu side to worship the Shivling found in the Gyanvapi Masjid premises.

The matter was adjourned till November 14 as the trial judge would not be available in the fast track court today. The Court was to rule on the plaintiff’s three main demands, which included allowing the immediate commencement of the self-styled Jyotirlinga Lord Vishweshwara prayer, handing over the entire Gyanvapi complex to Hindus, and preventing Muslims from entering the Gyanvapi complex.

It is necessary to mention here that at present the Muslim side is allowed to offer Namaz.

During the last hearing held in October, the Varanasi court had refused to allow a “scientific investigation” of the alleged ‘Shivling’.

During the last hearing in October, the Varanasi court had refused to allow a “scientific inquiry” into the alleged “Shivling”.

The Hindu side had requested carbon dating of a structure which they claimed was a Shivalinga discovered inside the Vazukhana of the Gyanvapi Mosque.

On the other hand, the Muslim side claimed that the discovered structure was a ‘fountain’. On 22 September, the Hindu side filed an application in the Varanasi District Court seeking carbon dating of the object which they claimed to be a ‘Shivling’.

The Hindu side announced that they would appeal in the Supreme Court against the Varanasi court’s decision to refuse a “scientific investigation” into the alleged ‘Shivling’ discovered in the grounds of the Gyanvapi Masjid.

On 29 September, the Hindu side demanded that the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) conduct a scientific investigation of the ‘Shivalinga’ and carbon date ‘Argha’ and the surrounding area.

“It would not be appropriate to order a survey by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and such order to reveal the age, nature and composition of the said Shivalinga, even though it is unlikely to lead to an equitable settlement,” the Varanasi court said. he said.

In the Gyanvapi case, advocate Vishnu Jain representing the plaintiff “the court has refused our request for carbon dating. We will appeal against this order in the Supreme Court and challenge it there. I cannot say when, but we will soon challenge this order in the Supreme Court.”

Madan Mohan Yadav, another lawyer for the Hindu side, said, “Though the court has rejected the demand for carbon dating, but the option of going to the High Court is available, and the Hindu side will also place its point before the High Court.” ,

Referring to the Supreme Court’s May 17 order, the Varanasi court said, “If the alleged Shivling is damaged by taking the sample, then it will be in violation of the order of the Supreme Court.”

The Varanasi court said, “If the Shivling is damaged, then the religious sentiments of the general public can be hurt.”

Carbon dating is a scientific method of determining the age of an archaeological object or discovery.

After hearing the arguments of both the parties in the Gyanvapi Masjid-Sringar Gauri case, the court reserved the verdict.

On May 20, the Supreme Court ordered that the matter relating to worship at the Gyanvapi Masjid be transferred from the civil judge to the district judge of Varanasi.

According to Akhlaq Ahmed, representing the Muslim side, the petition of the Hindu side is not sustainable as it violates the Supreme Court order protecting the structure (which the Muslim side claims to be a fountain and the Hindu side to be a Shivling). claims that).

“We answered the carbon dating application.” The stone is not able to absorb carbon. The Supreme Court ruled on 17 May that the object discovered by the commission must be protected. The order of the Supreme Court will take precedence, so the item cannot be opened. According to the Hindu side, the process will be scientific; However, tampering with the object will occur. The test will involve the use of chemicals. “We will take action on the basis of the court’s order on October 14,” Ahmed said.

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