Nothing Phone (1) Review: The Game of Phones Gets Exciting

Nothing Phone (1) Review: The Game of Phones Gets Exciting

For all the tech-savvy people out there, this London-based company brings you their latest Android innovation that comes with some cool designs and specs. Tony Fadell, director of Future Shape and creator of the iPod, Casey Neistat, YouTube personality and co-founder of Beme, and Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, are among the private investors in Nothing, a private company backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures), EQT Ventures, C Ventures and other investors. After much buzz, Nothing has finally launched its long awaited phone (1), so let’s find out some of the features it has to stand out as a great Android phone in the market.

Nothing Phone 1 Design

The aluminum frame and symmetrical bezels give the phone beauty, lightness and longevity. It has quite a unique design with LED lights on the back of the phone. The rear of the Phone 1 is arguably its most eye-catching feature, with a semi-transparent appearance that looks down on the phone’s internal components. The majority of what we see is a design element that hides the internal components of the phone. The phone has a double-sided Gorilla Glass coating for added strength and reduces the risk of breakage from drops. Nothing Phone (1) will launch in monochromatic colors giving it quite a rich and elegant feel with an exciting design that feels like it is from the future. The overall design of the Nothing Phone 1, which has relatively flat edges and rounded corners, seems inspired to some extent by the iPhone 12 and 13 series.

Nothing Phone Display 1

The phone comes with a 6.55″ OLED display. With over a billion colors, you can enjoy vibrant output in your images, videos and broadcast quality. HDR10+, stronger contrasts and richer colors suitable for every situation. 120Hz adaptive refresh rate that’s reassuringly power efficient and delivers incredibly responsive interactions. These features make this phone a great device for casual gaming due to its high refresh rate and colors.

Nothing Phone 1 Interface

Nothing Phone (1) comes with some awesome innovations, including LED lighting that responds to notifications, alerts, and phone calls. The company has named it the Glyph interface, which makes everyday interaction fun and more enjoyable than your usual ping alerts. Light strips scattered throughout the rear panel flash in patterns known as glyphs, serving both practical and decorative purposes. The phone has different glyph patterns to set according to your taste for different contacts and app notifications so you can quickly know who is texting and calling. Each glyph has a distinctive sound, a collection of pings and chirps with retro-techno titles like “squiggle” and “isolator”. Nothing Phone (1) lets you flip your phone to trigger silent mode for convenient use.

Nothing OS is an open system that lets you connect your phone to almost any device. You can use your phone to check your AirPods battery, turn the lights on and off, and even unlock your car with just one tap from your phone, although I wish I had time to try. But it works as a mini and portable Alexa, which gives this phone an impressive selling point. Nothing about the operating system is fast, reliable and reduces lags that let you run your apps faster than regular androids. The phone adapts to your app preferences which loads your most used apps faster than frozen ones to save power and reduce waste. One big thing you will notice in this phone is that it comes with a few apps preloaded and starts up in dark mode unlike most others with a white background.

Nothing Phone 1 Performance

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon 778G+ chipset gives the phone (1) its speed. This chipset makes the phone a decent gaming device with good performance, decent graphics and stunning visuals. Nothing (1) comes with 18 hour battery life and a 4500mAh battery with fast charging that gives you a 50% charged battery in 30 minutes. You can experience the best gaming session with the phone’s game mode, which combines sound with graphics for always smooth and immersive gameplay continuously. Notifications and involuntary taps are minimized to lock in concentration.

Nothing Phone 1 Camera

Another feature of Nothing(1) is its dual 50MP sensor camera. The extended main camera sensor and 1.8 aperture provide exceptional detail in any lighting. Dual image stabilization ensures consistently sharp images. The 114° field of view allows for wide-angle shots and smart technologies such as Scene Detection adapt the ideal settings. 60 FPS gives 4K videography and liquid motion with crystal clear output for the best experience. Live HDR also creates realistic reflections and shadows. Really bright everywhere with night mode. With LED backlights, you can adjust their illumination to get a portable ring light for any setup and use, even on the darkest nights. The front camera has a 16MP lens to give you the best selfies to show off on your social media. For an average photography enthusiast, this phone packs quite a punch. Still, it is not the best compared to all other androids in the market. Let’s say you want an aesthetically pleasing phone and can compromise on camera quality for a great interface and ease of use. In this case, Nothing (1) has no chance of fitting in your pocket.

Sustainable construction

Nothing (1) is made of recyclable aluminum with more than 50% degradable plastic components, making it one of the most environmentally friendly smartphones. The phone comes in three storage variants ranging from 8GB RAM + 128GB memory, 8GB RAM + 256GB memory, and 12GB RAM + 256GB memory.

Additional features:

Fingerprint sensor.
IP53 splash, water and dust resistance.
5G+ network connectivity.
Hexagon 770AI processor.
Slot for USB Type-C port.
Two stereo speakers with three audio microphones.

final verdict

For a budget phone, Nothing (1) is an impressive upcoming launch with good specs that could boost digital smartphone advancements. While it might lack a bit in battery life and processing, the all-new LED with a user-friendly operating system and interface seems to be the highlight of the phone. It weighs less than 200g with a pocket-friendly build and is a great choice as a gaming smartphone packed in this design.

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