New Delhi: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has issued new regulations addressing the manufacture of ethanol from sugar and grain-based feedstocks in a bid to simplify the verification process for distilleries.

According to the new guidelines announced on Friday, sugar mills and ethanol units must obtain a process validation report from a technical institute, such as National Sugar Institute (NSI), Kanpur, Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI), Pune, or any other institution. . Technical institute designated by the state government, during the sugar season/ethanol year 2022-2023. If such verification has not been carried out before, such verification will be necessary for the following years.

In addition, within two weeks after performing the on-site verification, verification agencies must send a copy of the verification report to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the Food and General Distribution Department, and the Directorate of Sugar and Vegetable Oil. They should also detail the decrease in sugar recovery caused by the shift toward ethanol.

Both ethanol distilleries using sugar or molasses and those using grain are covered according to published standards.

“Ethanol produced through various methods must be certified by the relevant State Tax Service or any authority designated by the state government with a unique serial number. For proper identification. This certification for grain must clearly indicate the type of grain used, such as corn or maize, or spoiled food grains or surplus rice obtained from FCI (Food Corporation of India),” as stated in the guidelines. It added that the quality of ethanol produced by any of the methods should comply with the required specifications as per the Indian Standards Office.

According to the Food Department, these rules will allow distilleries to limit the amount of ethanol produced from various sources, such as B-Heavy, C-Heavy, cane syrup, and various grain-based ethanol.


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