New Delhi: The Bharat Mata Mandir in Brampton in association with Hindu Forum Canada celebrated Hindu Heritage Month. Several federal and local parliamentarians, the Mayor of Brampton, and members of the City Council participated in the event.

Politicians mark significance of Hindu Heritage Month

Politicians stressed the importance of the Hindu Heritage Month. Liberal MP Chandra Arya has urged Hindus in the diaspora to fight rising Hindu phobia. Arya marked Canada’s first Hindu Heritage Month beginning in November to recognize and celebrate the contributions Hindus have made to making the country strong and prosperous.

Conservative MPs Scott Aitchison and Eric Melillo affirmed their assistance to the diaspora in building a cohesive, multicultural mosaic in Canada. He briefed Mayor-elect Patrick Brown on the creation of the city’s Jetta Park. Also in attendance were MPP Michael Tibollo, MPP Sheref Sabawy and MPP Hardeep Grewal.

The Vedic Hindu scholar Jeffrey Armstrong was the main speaker of the event. He warmed the emotions of more than 150 participants with his speaking and commitment to the Dharma.
The event also featured classical Indian dances.

The Canadian House of Commons passed a unanimous resolution

The Canadian House of Commons had passed a unanimous resolution brought by Arya earlier this year to designate November as Hindu Heritage Month.

In Canada, May is celebrated as Canadian Jewish Month, October is celebrated as Canadian Islamic Historical Month, and April is celebrated as Sikh Heritage Month.

Canada officially marked November as National Hindu Heritage Month to recognize the important contributions of the Hindu community to the country’s multicultural growth story.

Heritage month goal

The aim of Heritage Month is to celebrate and recognize the important contributions of a large part of the country’s Hindu community in various walks of life including science, education, medicine, law, politics, business, culture and sports.

November was earlier recognized as Hindu Heritage Month by the government of the Canadian province of Ontario, according to Bill 56.


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