Nupur Sharma Row: Illegal guns found at home of Prayagraj violence accused


Nupur Sharma Row: Bulldozers appeared on the streets of Uttar Pradesh for the second day in a row after the protesting against the remarks by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Prophet Muhammad.

Many allegedly illegal properties in Prayagraj city were demolished and leveled. In particular, the property of Mohammad Javed Pump, the main accused in the prophet row violence, has been demolished.

According to the Uttar Pradesh Police, Javed Pump has been accused of being the mastermind behind the violence that erupted in Prayagraj on Friday over former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad.

According to media reports, the Uttar Pradesh Police also said that many illegal and objectionable materials were found inside Javed Pump’s property before it was demolished. It was reported that he had put up objectionable posters and also kept illegal guns inside the house.

Two days after the protest against Nupur Sharma, the house of Javed Pump, the leader of the Indian Welfare Party of India, was demolished on Sunday afternoon. 

The Uttar Pradesh Police said that some documents from his home “show objectionable remarks against the Hon’ble court.”

The police further said that during the search conducted before the demolition of his house, weapons like a 12-bore illegal pistol and a 315-bore pistol and ammunition were found inside Javed Pump’s house.

According to officials, Javed Pump was involved in illegal construction on the ground floor of his house and had failed to respond to a demolition order sent to his property in May this year.

Bulldozers were brought to demolish houses in many parts of Uttar Pradesh such as Prayagraj and Saharanpur. However, police said that the demolition was a “normal procedure” against illegal construction.

The Nupur Sharma controversy started when the former BJP leader commented on Prophet Muhammad during a debate on a news channel 10 days ago, which caused a wave of outrage. It started a nationwide protest on Friday last week, with several incidents of violence and stoning reported in several states.

first published:June 13, 2022, 9:31 a.m.

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