Ola driver asked customer CIBIL score


It’s never a pleasant experience to have a cab driver cancel on you, is it? Uber and Ola customers will know how common it is to book a cab and inform the driver where you want to drop off, only to have him ask you hundreds of questions. Where is the drop point? Online payment or cash? are you that?

However, recently an Ola driver crossed all limits and asked the customer his CIBIL score before reaching the pickup point. Reportedly, the driver canceled the cab after the customer responded with a CIBIL score of 700. The cab driver claimed that his CIBIL score is 800 and he does not entertain anyone with less than 750 CIBIL score.

The customer has lodged a complaint against the cab driver following which the cab drivers again protested their right to know. Reportedly, cab service providers are making CIBIL scores mandatory for customers to book rides. Customers will also have to fill up a 50-question questionnaire each time they book a cab.

In another similar incident, an Uber cab driver was detained after he asked a customer for their pronouns and canceled bookings for those who did not have pronouns.

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