Old women have romance with young boys, watch a strange cult


New Delhi: The union between a man and a woman leads this universe. If this does not happen, the continuation of man as a species may cease. However, sex is still a taboo topic in Indian society even though Indians are heavily drugged by the influence of Western cultures and lifestyles.

In Indian society where only physical relationship is recognized between husband and wife. At the same time, in many places, women establish relationships with men until they find a good partner. There are many practices related to sex around the world, let’s take a look at some of them, which you will be happy to read.

Eating the apple defines the lover

There are many traditions in Australia for marriage and sex. A different kind of customs is practiced here in rural areas. Here the women press an apple in their armpits and perform a traditional dance. After the dance is over, the women go to the man of their choice and offer him a piece of apple. If eaten, the woman has sex with him.

Older women having sex with young boys

Mangia is the southernmost state in the Cook Islands and the second largest after Rarotonga. There is a strange sexual tradition on this island. Here boys are asked to have sex with older women. Old women sleep with young boys and teach them how to please their partner.

Love huts are built for little girls

The Kryong tribe in Cambodia practice strange sex. Love huts are built here for teenage girls. Different boys come to spend the night with the girl in this hut. And this cycle continues until the girl finds the right partner who declares the love of her life.

Celebrating a wife’s robbery

In West Africa, there is a practice of marrying at an early age in the Wadabi tribe in Niger. Besides, Garewol Festival is organized here every year. In this, men wear traditional clothes and do make-up. Then they try to steal the other’s wife. If the theft is not detected, he can have sexual pleasure with someone else’s wife.

Wife sharing custom

Drupadi had five husbands in the Mahabharata. Along the same lines, there are some tribes in Nepal where polyandry is common. Here all the brothers keep the same woman as their wives. They do this so that there is no division of property and no more children.

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